About Perianth Journal(Volume-1,Issue-1)

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to record my appreciation for publication of this journal which adequately presents the views and expressions of academic fraternity in the sphere of Humanities and Social Sciences. A sincere effort has been made to showcase excellent research work of the university and college teachers. This journal brings out articles with richness of expressions and depth of vision and perspective. With advent of information technology, plenty of information is available online yet there is need to generate interest of readers in print media by bringing out articles of quality with extra- ordinary perception. To achieve this mission, a collective effort is required by academicians to put forth scholarly views to sustain interest of common men in print media.
About Perianth Journal(Volume-1,Issue-1)

Volume-1, Issue-1(October-2014) In the Issuse
दिव्या त्रिपाठी संस्कृत साहित्य मैं सौन्दर्य के मानदण्ड सामुद्रिक के परिप्रेक्ष में
Manju Jain "Impact of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Voluntary organization in inclusive Education"
kamna Duggal & Abha Khetarpal Impact of Nutrition Education on the health and lipid profile of housewives
Savita Bhagat The Dynamics of casualisation of jobs in higher education
Gurinder Kaur & Aparna Joshi Primary education in haryana a spatial analysis
Surender Singh Rana A comparative study of school satisfaction of high school students (Government and Non- Government)
Geeta Goyal 'Yet i am Doubtful': Power, suffering and self realization in shakespeare's king lear
Akshya Kumar Mishra "The position of peasants and women durning the rule of the king Sudraka-Mentioned in his MRICHCHHAKATIKAM"
Guneet Kaur Alex haley's roots and toni morrison's beloved -a study of Neo-Slave Narratives
Geeta Goyal & Shyam Sunder Teaching of english at under Graduate level in Southern region of Haryana : An Assessment
Manju Jain & Komal Gupta With Barriers Ict Becomes a Toothless tiger in our knowledge society
Neeraj Singh Interlinking of Indian rivers project: Engineering a Hydrogeological Cataclysm ?