Principal’s Message

Dr. Savita Bhagat

Life at DAV Centenary College, Faridabad, is not just an academic pursuit, rather it is an exploration of the hidden talents of our students and a serious exercise in honing their life skills so as to make them worthwhile and enlightened global citizens.

Dr. Savita Bhagat
Officiating Principal

Dear students,

This year has jolted all of us out of our slumber as we were taking everything on this planet and the ways of our living for granted. Every notion of ours has fallen on its head. Post-Covid, things have gone topsy turvey in all aspects of human existence .
All of a sudden, in the field of education we have been thrown into the digital space from the cosy comfortable personalized environment of our classrooms.

The change is sudden and massive but the human spirit is known for adaptability and adapted we have to the new reality.
In the coming session, we are all prepared to keep treading on the path of e-learning and online learning. Fortunately, many open resources and tools are available by using which we can keep on doing our teaching learning work without any obstruction.

In higher education, we never want to spoon feed our students and in the new environment there is a still greater need that the students be prepared to be more responsible with their study schedules and develop more seriousness towards their studies.

The quality of human resource is the most important component of the development of the economy and is a crucial factor in building a better world. We at DAV Centenary College are committed to the aim of producing quality students. Knowledgeable, responsible, conscientious and self aware citizens are the assets of any nation. Our focus has always been on imparting a mix of hard and soft skills to our students so that,along with learning the science of making a living,they become adept at learning the art of living a beautiful life.

During the thirty five years of its existence , the college has taken great strides forward and gone from strength to strength.
We will try to keep up the momentum.

I have recently been entrusted with this crucial responsibility by the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi ,headed by our esteemed and honorable President, Padam Shree Dr Punam Suri Ji , and I would like to assure them through this platform that I would leave no stone unturned to come up to their expectations and do my best for the further development of the college .

Dear students, We would try to inculcate all the good values and practices which are followed all over the world in various colleges,universities and institutes to make your college the best place to study in and to make your stay here memorable. I assure you that from wherever we can learn we will and be open to changes and flexibility in the working of the college so that peace reigns and progress takes place in the life of every individual, be it a student or the faculty, teaching or non teaching, and they keep on progressing and evolving.

With best wishes,
Savita Bhagat
Officiating Principal