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DAVCC's Advance Management Research

Dr. (Ms) Suniti Ahuja , Chief Editor
Coordinatior, MA (English) & BCA Department

It is giving me immense pleasure and utmost satisfaction to render my appreciation for publication of this special journal which deeply presents the views and expressions of POWER OF INNER PEACE in the sphere of Spirituality and Psychology. Most of us I our passage through life, whether we are religious or not, yearn for the mental security of a spiritual home. In such a turbulent time, we constantly feel the need of inner resources which can give us hope, strength and peace of soul. So I accept it from the recess of my heart that if you are able to makes you able to see yourself through the dark hours that inevitably come to us all. It is a matter of pleasure for me to enunciate that this publication of this journal of spirituality and psychology will prove a milestone for creating a happy and peaceful society. I am sure that the overwhelming response of writers will certainly able to ignite the lamp of peace and prosperity. My greetings and best wishes for successful publication of this journal, “THE ETERNAL QUEST OF MANKIND”.
DAVCC's Advance Management Research

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Volume-1 Issue-1 In the Issuse
Experience in using life energy for health and healing in Thailand: Integration of post Modern science, spiritual science and Psycho Neurobics Prof. Dr. Lttikorn Wattana
Educating Children in Psychology and Spirituality for peaceful world Dr. Satish Ahuja & Azeemdana
Creation of leaders with spiritual values Prof. Dr. Narong Nimsakul
Bridging the gap between god and human beings Dr. (M.s) Suniti Ahuja
New and better education for better world Prof. Dr. S. Viswanathan
Ancient Indian Scriptures and their Application in Today's Science Air Mshl. P.S. Bhangu
alternative Nature Care for the world Dr. D. N. Sharma
Health Management by power of Mind Dr. Chandra shekhar
Application of Spirituality in Science, regligion and politics Major gen. Sunil Kumar Jha
Nature and Nurture-- The influence of environment and heredity over child's behaviour and his personality Devika Ahuja & Anmol Ahuja
Marketing of Spirituality in India Dr. Vibha Bhandari & Dr. Anjali Chopra