About Perianth(Volume 4,Issue 1)

Humans , in Continuous journey of its evolution have built up an ocean of knowledge which is expanding in terms of depth,spread and vastness. Analytical and powerful intellectual capability with an unending quest for Knowledge has been adding new dimensions in its various realms ever since the human life has come into existence . We have been making sincere efforts to bring out the Research Journal -PERIANTH since last four years in order to provide opportunity to the academicians and scholars to express and share their views on variety of subjects under Humanities and Social Sciences . You will agree that Human beings since its existence has been unravelling mysteries out of inquistiveness to invent new realms of knowledge. Having received wide appreciation from various academias and their scholarly contribution ,we feel encouraged to bring forth the 4th volume of Research Journal PERINATH. As in the past , this volume of Research Journal PERINATH contains scholarly articles touching vast range of subjects.
I Dr. Amit Sharma (Editor) of the Perianth (Volume 4, Issue 1) express my heartfelt gratitude to the members of advisory committee and referees for their valuable support. I sincerely thank all the scholars who have contributed their papers of publications of 4th volume of this Research Journal . I'm thankful to the officiating principal, Dr. Savita Bhagat for his inspiration and motivation.
About Perianth(Volume 4,Issue 1)

Volume 4,Issue 1,October 2020 In the issue