Mind Guru(volume-2)


About "Mind Guru Magazine"

Dr. Suniti Ahuja, Chief Editor
Associate Professor, D.A.V. Centenary College, Faridabad.

“No mental development worth the name is possible without continuous reading and writing.”

Hence, keeping the above quote in mind I have made an attempt to bring out the creativity of our students through this magazine, “Mind Guru”. It provides an opportunity to the growing young minds to present the product of their mental and thinking versions of the current events around them particularly related to the education and other social and cultural related issues that determine and give color to the atmosphere and scenario of the country and the current problems. The young and mega mind of our college is filled with the thoughts of new and creative idea. This college magazine focuses on the overall development of an individual at the same time taking him/her close towards divinity. The sense of spirituality is the source of inner peace which ultimately leads towards the bliss. It also ignites as well as enlightens the mind which is a necessary remedy for success. I would like to thank our worthy Principal Sir Dr. Satish Ahuja for his support to bring this college magazine. I would also like to thank the editorial team all their efforts and dedication.
About "Mind Guru Magazine"

Volume-2, Issue-1,2015 In This Issue
Page No. Contents
04 A Switch in the Time Saves Nine
06 Role of Parent and Teacher in Adolescent Education
09 Appearances Sometimes could be Deceptive
14 Impact Of Advertisments on Consumer Behaviour
16 Ethics versus Morals
17 The Role of Youth in Mordern Society
20 Mantras for Motivation and Success
22 Value of Education
24 Moral Principles & Value Education
25 Management Ethics and Social Responsibilites
27 Laughing is the Best Medicine
28 Role of Mind towards the Achievements of Success
30 Could Strenuos Jogging do more harm than Good?
32 Human Values
34 Ethics and Governance
35 Social Values
36 Competition is Necessary in the Learning Process
37 Liberal Education
39 Importance of Peace
40 Leadership Qualities for Strong Foundation
41 Hidden Talents