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"Amazing Technologies" a quarterly commercial magazine on the latest technological advancements and development in the IT sector has been brought out by the Computer department to quench the appetite of technology savvy persons. Our objective through this magazine is to nurture students for a lifetime leadership.
About Amazing Technologies
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Volume-2, Quarter (April-2012 - June-2012) In the issue
Overview of MCA Entrance Exam 1.Eligibility of Entrance 2.General syllabus 3.Admission Scenario 4.Eligibility criteria 5.Top 10 colleges in India 6.MCA Entrance Coaching Institutes 7.How to Prepare for MCA entrance by:- Shikha Malhotra
MCQ of MCA Entrance Exam 1.Mental ability 2.Computer Arena
Software Tip 1.Google Chrome 2.Photoshop 3.Media player 4.Skype 5.Microsoft Excel 6.Microsoft word
Techno-Buzz 1.Search Engine 2.Computer Ethics 3.CCTV 4.Relevance of science education
Quiz 1.Intelligence Pool 2.Star Letters