About Perianth Journal(Volume-2,Issue-1)

It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to record my appreciation for publication of another volume of this journal which adequately presents the views and expression of academic fraternity in the sphere of Humanities and Social Sciences . A simcre effort has been made to showcase excellent research work of the university and college teachers. This journal brings out articles with richness of expressions and depth of vision and perspective.
I extend full support to this journal "PERIANTH" . I also wish all the best to everyone who are associated in bringing out this journal.
About Perianth Journal(Volume-2,Issue-1)

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Volume 2- Issuse 1 In the Issue
Dr. Vineet Women Against Women: The Missing Bonds of Sisterhood in Cary 1 Churchill's Plays
डॉ दिव्या त्रिपाठी बाणभट्ट द्वारा वर्णित आंतरिक सौंदर्य -विवेचन
डॉ राजकुमार महाजन " उपमा अलंकार " का शास्त्रीय विवेचन
Dr.Manju Jain & Dr.pooja Pasrija Innovation And Escalation For Education And Training
Abha Khetarpal Impact of Nutrition Education on The Health of School Going Girls
Geeta Goyal& Roopa Gupta Analysing Teaching of English in Humanities Stream at Under-graduate Level in Government and Private Colleges in Haryana
Gurinder Kaur & Aparna Joshi Urbanization and Industrialization : Interpreting the Interrelationship
Manoj Kumar Organized Retail Sector: A Necessity For tomorrow
Dr. Shaik Iftikhar Ahmed Disaster Management : Indian Mechanism
Meenakshi Rise And Growth of Muslim Nationalism in India
Abha Khetarpal A Comparative Study of the Nutritional Status of elderly Living in the government And Private Old Age Homes
Dr. Neeru Jain Bhutan ka aarthik vikas avem bhaarat ka yogdaan : ek Vivechan
Priyanka Kadyan The Voice of Humanity: A study of Mulk Raj Anand's Fiction
Dr. Savita Bhagat & Dr. Sonia vij Stepping up pulses Production :The Need of the Hour