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Dr. Suniti Ahuja ,Chief Editor
Associate Professor,
D.A.V. Centenary College,Faridabad

Dear Readers,

"The greatest gift you can give to someone is the purity of your attention" The union of Purity, beauty and Nature is very rare. The Purity of mind, body and soul brings back all our moral and ideals back in our lives. It is like medicine which can cure the problems of modern and lifestyle. The contemporary men are facing several diseases because of various adulterated foods further add to the degradation of our natural environment. This is very ironical situation because we are well aware of the contamination and the impurity of foods which is unacceptable to anyone but we ignore the major cause that is, the impurity of mind. The crux for this deadly disease of contamination, pollution and adulteration lies only in due to the purification of character. If we look at the life in general, inflicted with sorrows, sufferings and dejection: PURITY IS THE GLORY OF LIFE.PURITY IS THE ELIXER, the PANACEA of all the ailments the society is beset by: Only through purity all our dead morals and ideals can be brought back to our life. So let’s purity and sweeten our thoughts, world and action to usher a new era of health, wealth prosperity and peace. Thus, if we take a leap and lead to start this process of purification from ourselves then only we will be able to harrow selfish motives. Purity not only given us physical health but metal health also.
About "Mind Guru Magazine"

Volume-1, Issue-1(2014) In the Issue (page-no.)
Mental Queries Resolved 08
No one can break me without my concept 11
Adversity became oportunity 20
Women's Journey Towards Empowerment 28
You can't be freed as he is your need 30
Wood is good but trees are better 34
Less is more.......Let go 36
Distinctive young mind 38
Wake up for wealth and wellness 40
Choosing to be free 42
When pushed to the wall 44
Past Life regression 46
Human action permutation of motivation , power and leadewrship 48
Memory secrets 50
Spirtuality unifying factor for world 52
Mindfulness and depression 56
fee paid in full with a glass of milk 58
Sleep management 59
Do as i do 61
you are not sick ,you are thirsty 62