Five Day Professional Development Program on ‘Scholarly Publications’

DAV Centenary College, Faridabad, organized a Five Day Professional Development Program on ‘Scholarly Publications’ from 10th August to 14th August 2020, under the dynamic leadership of Padam Shri, Dr. Punam Suri Ji, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. The Patron of the program and the Officiating Principal, Dr. Savita Bhagat inaugurated the program by extending a cordial welcome to all the Resource Persons of the sessions. She presented a vision that the professional learning community is characterized by a shared mission, vision, values, collective inquiry, collaborative teamwork, and continuous self-improvement. She believes that everyone should put learning at the center of their daily activity.


Dr. Archana Bhatia, the Overall Coordinator, pointed out that we aim to create a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment for the holistic development of all. To achieve and sustain excellence in teaching and research, this program was an attempt to motivate our staff towards perfection. The purpose of this program was to keep all up-to-date on current trends as well as help them develop the latest skills for advancement in the field of research and publication. The program lasted 5 days and each day there was an individual session of each learned Resource person. Day 1, Session 1, was initiated by Dr. J.S. Gunavathy, Associate Professor and Head Department of Social Work (Aided), Madras School of Social Work. In the session, Dr. Gunavathy elaborated her deep insight on the topic ‘From Research to Publication-Practical Insights’ in which she shared her expertise on scholarly publications, how to design a research project, literature review, research strategy, tool construction, data collection, data analysis, basic requirements needed for journal publication, etc. On Day 2, Session 2, Dr. Rupashree Baral, Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT-Madras, Chennai, shared her prowess on the topic ‘Writing for Publishing in Scholarly Journals’ in which she highlighted and shared her knowledgeable experience.

Day 3, Session 3, was a rewarding session on the topic ‘Presenting Qualitative and Quantitative Data in Scholarly Publications’ by Dr. S . Raja Samuel, Principal, Madras School of Social Work . He emphasized that this integrated qualitative and quantitative research would expand and elaborate on the perspectives of scholars and motivate them for a better research program.

Day 4, Session 4, was presented by Dr. V. Sakthi Rekha, Librarian (Associate Professor Grade), Madras School of Social Science on the topic ‘Citation, Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism’. It was a valuable session as the citation and referencing shows the authenticity of one’s research work. Moreover, good referencing is also essential to avoid any possible accusation of plagiarism.

Day 5, Session 5 was initiated by Dr. B. Jeyapragash, Associate Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Bharathidasan University, Trichy, on the topic ‘Publication Metrics – Citation, Analysis, H- Index, Impact Factor and Author IDs’ in which he shared his findings on impact factor, journal ranking and measuring the productivity and impact of the published works of scholars.

More than 200 participants from all over the country and abroad participated very enthusiastically in the program. The program was a great success as it was highly appreciated for the sagacious insights that were given by the esteemed Resource Persons. The Convener of the program was Ms. Ankita Mohindra, HOD, Department of Business Administrative, and Dr. Priya Kapoor, Assistant Professor, was the Co-Convener of the program. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Mr. Parmod Kumar, Ms. Ritu Sachdeva, and Ms. Uttama Pandey were the organizing secretaries of the program.