Independance Day Celebration

A Grand Program was organized in DAV Centenary College, Faridabad,to commemorate the 74th Independence Day of India. The Red Letter Day was celebrated with great fervour on the college campus . The Officiating Principal, Dr. Savita Bhagat, inaugurated the program with the flag hoisting ceremony. Mr. Arun Bhagat, retired Associate Professor and Head, Department of English, of the College, was the chief guest of the day. In his speech, he talked about India’s journey from the freedom struggle to that of a self-reliant proud country. He said that apart from basic integrity, honesty and commitment to the nation, enhanced technical knowledge and skills would help realise India’s dream of becoming self-reliant as a nation . The Officiating Principal, Dr. Savita Bhagat,shared her views on the three basic mantras of Intelligence, energy and Integrity with all the teaching and non-teaching staff members. On this occasion, Dr. Archana Bhatia, the Overall Coordinator of the SFS Courses, sang songs of patriotism and insisted on recognizing the true meaning of freedom. The chief guest of the day,Mr. Arun Bhagat, taking an oath to support the college even after his retirement, urged the young teachers of the college to make honesty their most important weapon and to execute all the duties with full devotion. At the very outset of the program, all the faculty members took an oath for environmental conservation by planting trees. Captain Sunita Dudeja, CTO Mr. Ravi Kumar, Dr. Suniti Ahuja,Coordinator B.C.A., Mr. Jitendra Dhull, Program Officer NSS, Mrs. Anjali Manchanda, Program Officer N.S.S., as well as the NCC Cadets and N.S.S. volunteers gave their valuable contribution in making this event a great success. Captain Sunita Dudeja, the NCC Officer of the NCC Girls Wing,shared the podium with Mr. Ravi Kumar, CTO of NCC Boys Wing. There was a spectacular parade by NCC cadets. Dr. D.P. Vaid, Dr. Narender, Mr. Satish Bansal, Dr. Neeraj Singh, Ms.Mamta, Ms Meenakshi, Ms Tanuja and Mr. Dinesh Kumar also gave an outlet to their patriotic emotions from the stage. The programme ended with distribution of sweets and a feeling of great love and fervour for the nation.