Zonal Youth Festival

With the coming of Zonal youth festival the excitement among students was to be seen to be believed. Performing arts, literary events and fine arts everything hooks them and they no longer want to be inside the classrooms. In keeping with the objectives of NEP-2020 there should not be any artificial barrier between curricular and extra curricular activities. We all must realise that these activities are also part of education. Unfortunately we don’t have these departments in most of our colleges. Students have to be trained in these arts along with the pressure of completing their studies in time for participation in youth festival. Sometimes students start attending rehearsals and parents don’t allow to continue till the D day. Despite all these pressures and stresses our students went the whole hog to prepare for the events and did their best in the Fest. They bagged fifteen prizes in all including six first and six second prizes. Congratulations to all the participating students and their teachers and mentors who guided them all the way.