Sep 18
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Declining Level of Language in Hindi Newspapers

Department of Hindi and Mass Communication and Journalism of DAV Shatabdi Mahavidyalaya, Faridabad organized a national seminar in the series of Hindi week celebrations. The program was conducted through online system. The topic of this webinar was 'The declining level of language in Hindi newspapers'. The main objective of this program was to increase the tendency of everyone towards Hindi language. Dr. Savita Bhagat, Principal of the college, in her address said that Hindi is spoken by most of the people and it is the official language. No matter how many new languages are learned but we should not forget Hindi language because it connects us with our tradition and culture. But at the same time we have to respect all other languages as well. The keynote speaker, Prof. Chandradev Yadav said in his statement that the word that appears in the news channel's ticker, breaking news, news flash, the word that appears in the newspaper, people move forward considering it as correct. It is our responsibility to use pure and correct. We will spoil our entire generation by wrong use. In today's era, the importance of ethics, fairness and 'Watchdog' has been reduced to seminars and discussions on the media. Now the news has started running on the basis of 'Agenda Setting Theory'. The ever-decreasing media credibility and its deteriorating standard is a matter of serious concern. Hinglish has taken its place in Hindi newspapers. The focus is only on the decoration, not on the spelling. Usually there is a lot of mistake in the quantities too. The program was conducted by Rachna Kasana, Head, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism and Assistant Professor Mamta Kumari thanked the keynote speaker, teachers and students. Thanked the chief guest at the end of the program and invited him to stay connected in future also. At the end of the session questions from the participants were taken. About 100 participants from 10 states participated in this webinar. The coordinator of this webinar was Kasana and Sweta Verma and Mamta Kumari were joint secretaries.