Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition was organized by Science Department and Institution Innovation Council (IIC) in collaboration with Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation and Technology at DAV Centenary College, Faridabad. In this, students participated enthusiastically to display 12 models of Physics and Chemistry. Professor DK Sharma, Head, Department of Physics, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad and Dr. Vanita Sapra, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, GGDSD College, Palwal participated in the exhibition as jury. The models were closely observed by the jury. The models were based on modern technology through which life-style could be simplified and unwanted types of changes in the environment could be controlled. The Chemistry model showed how to reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission in the atmosphere and preparing useful substances such as baking soda etc. used in homes and creating awareness about adulteration in food items. Students Deepak, Kumkum, Komal, Kajal, Manish, Udit, and Gulshan in model  "Mind Detection Device/ Robot" secured First position;  Dharmendra, Mohit, Pinku, Honey , Saurabh, Gunjan  secured  Second position in the format “Blind Stick” and students Vidushi , Chetna and Sunaina in model “Automatic Street Light” secured Third positon  in Physics and in Chemistry, students  Trishna, Priya, Sanjana and Deepak  secured first position in model “CC12” ; Tushar , Rahul and Rohan secured Second position in model “Hydrogen Fuel Cell” and students Dollsy and Rinki secured Third position in model “ Food Adulteration”. Officiating Principal, Dr. Savita Bhagat encouraged the students to actively participate in such programs so that they get inspired for their start -ups and wished them a bright future ahead. Dr. Priya Kapoor Dean expressed gratitude to the judges and the Principal. The program was convened by Pankaj Sharma, Priya Garg and Ravinder Kaur and all the teachers of the department registered their presence.