Oct 14
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Science Department Educational Tour

The Department of Science organized an educational tour to the Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, which is an autonomous research centre of the University Grants Commission, on October 14th, 2022. Students of B.Sc. 2nd and 3rd year accompanied by faculty members Ms. Pooja Sharma and Mr. Keshav visited the center. The students learnt about the various aspects of nuclear physics, including accelerators and detectors. The Institute mainly provides accelerator-based research facilities to researchers from Indian universities and national laboratories in the fields of Nuclear Science, Material Science, Radiation Biology, Atomic Physics, and Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy etc. The ambience of the institute was such that it seemed as one was entering into the world of nuclear physics and machinery. There was a very informative and helpful talk by the research associates working there on the various accelerators and why do we need to study them? The various types of accelerators are , the “Ion accelerator" consisting of the Injector Magnet, Palletron Accelerator, Analyzer Magnet, Palletron Vault, HIRA (Heavy Ion Research Analyzer), and Gamma Detector Array etc. After the seminar, the research associates explained the practical use of all the accelerators, machinery and research equipments to the students. The accelerator is mainly used to increase the energy of positively charged particles and alpha particles, to determine the shape and spin of the nucleus and their magnetic properties, used in mass spectroscopy to study the shapes of molecules by using devices like NAND (National Array of Neutron Detectors). After visiting the IUAC students wanted to visit more such research institutes where they can have experiential learning. May the quest for learning keep on increasing among students!