May 31
10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Industry Exposure

To get the feel of the working of the digital radio students of mass communication visited Radio Maharani-"Kuch Hatt ke ",Haryana's first digital radio station and experienced the work culture of a internet Radio Station. During this visit they had useful interactions with station Head Sapna Suri Ma’m along with RJ Tushar,RJ goarav,RJ Anand,RJ Geet and RJ Monik who shared their valuable experiences with the students and guided them about various technical aspects of Radio Station. The purpose of this visit was to make the students of journalism department familiar with the working and technicalities of Haryana's first digital radio station. Station Head Sapna Suri told the students about the functioning of internet radio and how it works. She also explained the concept of the recorded and live program in detail. RJ Tushar explained few terms associated with the radio programs like Top of the hour,jingles and links. Each radio jockey described his program in his own way. At the end Sapna Suri Ma’m felicitated Rachna kasana with a sapling as a token of love .