Sep 22
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Blood Donation Camp

A Blood donation camp, with the help of Madan Chawla jee and Ravinder Dudeja jee, both of whom are working tirelessly for meeting the need of blood transfusion for thalassemia afflicted children, was organised in the college campus on 22/9/22. The chief guest, Prof S K Garg ji, Registrar, J C Bose YMCA university of Science and Technology motivated the donors with his kind presence. The camp was organized by the NSS(boys and girls) and the Youth Red Cross( boys and girls) units of the college. The coordinators Dr Vijaywanti, Dr Neeraj Singh, Dr Jatender dhull and Ms Kavita ji did a wonderful job of encouraging the students the result of which was that more than 150 units were donated by the students during the course of the camp.