National Webinaron “WomenEmpowerment and GenderSensitivity:Need and Issues

D.A.V. Centenary College, Faridabad, organized a National Seminar on ‘Women Empowermentand Gender Sensitivity: Need and Issues’ under the patronage of the Officiating Principal Dr.Savita Bhagat and with Dr. Ruchi Arora, Teacher in Charge, Women Cell, as the ProgramConvener. The webinar was meant to highlight the needs and issues of Women Empowerment and GenderSensitivity. The Chief Guest, Sh. Shiv Raman Gaur (IAS Retired), the Director, HigherEducation, DAV CMC, New Delhi, a great educationist, philosopher, a visionary, and a greatpoet, expressed his views on gender equality and said that empowering women contributes togrowth, development, and stability of society. The keynote speaker of the webinar was Dr.(Ms.)Ranjana Aggarwal, Director, CSIR- National Institute of Science, Technology and DevelopmentStudies, New Delhi. On this occasion, the Chief Patron of the program, Dr. Savita Bhagat, expressed her heartfeltgratitude to the Chief Guest and the Keynote Speaker. She delineated her views on gender bias insociety that leads to less formal education of women. Hence women’s knowledge, potentialities,and abilities go unnoticed and remain unutilized or underutilized. Every gender must equallyshare the warmth of the sun, added Dr. Savita Bhagat.Sh. Shiv Raman Gaur emphasized the significance of the topic, dwelling upon its relevance notonly to women but to men also. He cited some examples from English Literature to illustrate hispoint. He said women were given more importance than men in the Vedic period. But the statusof women deteriorated with the passage of time. In the modern era, women should be made self-reliant, and improving the status of women will enhance their decision- making capacity in allspheres of life and ensure their holistic growth. Dr. Ranjana Aggarwal, recipient of many prestigious awards with a lot of important work in thefield of women’s empowerment to her credit, beautifully delineated the difference between Sexand Gender and also the ups and downs in the women’s status since the Vedic period. GenderEquality means equality for both boys and girls. She talked about the unequal representation ofgender in many important areas including the political sphere and also talked about theparameters of gender inequality given by the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. The session was verywell moderated by Ms. Ankita Mohindra. There was a question-answer session conducted by Dr.Ruchi Malhotra wherein the keynote speaker suitably clarified all the doubts and concerns. The session turned out to be very productive and fruitful as a great number of young students aswell as the faculty exhibited interest in it. With the cooperation of all, the webinar proved to be abig success.
Insights of Webinar