Apr 15
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Social Emotional Learning

Webinar on ‘social emotional learning - a must for holistic eduaction’ in collaboration with Panchnad Shodh Sansthan, Faridabad by inviting Ms Seema Saroj,working with Ministry of Education Saskatchewan, Canada who made a very elaborate and effective presentation as to how emotionally and socially conducive learning environment helps in the making of more wholesome and evolved human beings. We have been emphasising hard core subjects, vocational courses and imparting of skill based education but the core of education should be to generate self awareness among students so that they understand others’ emotions and connect with them in a better manner. Social- Emotional learning would not only improve the grades and academic achievements of students but they would be able to make better selection of professions and would be successful later on in their careers and also prove assets to the society at large. That Overall the peace and prosperity of a society is linked with social emotional learning was the key point discussed by the Chairman Panchnad Shodh Sansthan and Chairman, Haryana Higher Education Council, Prof B K kuthiala ji, who presided over the webinar. He quoted Rabindrnath Tagore and Gandhi ji whose focus was that the ultimate aim of education is to make students realise what it is means to be human beings. This is definitely a higher order thinking as people are generally worried about only bread and butter issues and making a living through education but the heart of the education is making a good and happy life, said Prof. Kuthiala All the teachers from the college and panchnad members from different centres took part in and benefited from the important deliberations of the webinar.