Oct 23
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Seminar on “Change Expected in the role of Teachers in the context of NEP 2020”

22nd October was a momentous day for DAV Centenary College, Faridabad when Prof. B K kuthiala ji, Chairperson, Haryana Higher Education Council, agreed to our request to address the faculty on the change expected in the role of teachers in the context of the New Education policy, 2020. The interaction was very fruitful as Prof. Kuthiala made teachers feel special and good as they constituted the most educated section of the society and they had a huge responsibility of guiding and giving direction to the young generation of the country. He suggested to teachers to think of many innovative and creative ideas to make teaching learning more effective and to impart some practical skills to the students which can help them to be financially independent and also contribute to the good of the society. The teachers raised some issues concerning the need for revision and updating of syllabi on regular basis and bettering the terms and conditions of their employment. Prof. kuthiala acknowledged that he was aware of those issues and assured them that the system was trying to address them. He exhorted the teachers that they should think out of box and go the extra mile despite all those constraints. The interaction proved to be very productive and stimulating.