May 14
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Mothers Day

The BBA department of the college celebrated Mothers day in the college by arranging a session with Dr Aditi Sareen, an experienced Apollo mediclinic and consultant, physiotherapist in CK Memorial Kapoor hospital. The theme of the session was “ Nutrition and Exercise: for living a healthy life” With the help of PPTs the keynote speaker elaborated on all aspects of health. These days we are all trying to keep healthy by pill-popping, whereas if we keep in mind the nutritious and balanced diet while having our meals the life style diseases can be avoided easily. She time and again insisted that women always think of children and other family members first and relegate their diet and exercise to the background. The session was very interactive and beneficial as she suggested teachers to make groups among colleagues and friends to remind each other to have fruits, drink right quantity of water and fix schedules for having supplements of vitamin D and calcium etc if needed. The biggest gift we can give to our children is a healthy MOM. Investment in health pays rich dividends as the work efficiency increases and healthy and fit employees become as asset to the institutions. The BBA dept deserves all the appreciation for arranging such a beneficial session and special thanks to Ms Rita and Ms Bharti who managed the program.