Oct 13
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Magnificent Curators Club

The Department of Business Administration organised a "Value Addition Course on Developing Career Skills" for Students under the auspices of the *Magnificent Curators Club* of the College. A total of 45 students were selected from different depts. . The duration of the course was 15 days during which the students had to devote 2 hours everyday apart from their regular classes to get exposure to the skill set needed for getting a foothold in the job market. *Dr Savita Bhagat* , the Principal of our college, who is always working for a better future for the students, was as usual an inspiration and a top class mentor. The course started on 29th September, 2022, with a remarkable 'Group Discussion' followed by various activities such as -- Preparing a CV -- Generating E-Mail addresses on various websites and writing effective mails to authorities ⁃ An activity -( Best out of Waste ) was conducted during the course for the students to teach them to value the importance of innovation and sustainability . ⁃ Various post office schemes and the saving schemes of banks were discussed to provide financial literacy to the students. ⁃ Investment in stock markets and how stock markets impact the growth of the economy was discussed ⁃ The importance of Communication Skills, both oral and written, was brought home to the students. ⁃ By working as a group for making arrangements for the events of different days, the students learnt the art of working together in a healthy and purposeful environment. ⁃ The events were conducted by taking the help of outside experts as well the internal faculty of the college as resource persons . The objective of this course was to make students aware of the fact that, along with academics, they needed to develop many more skills to become successful professionals. The coordinator of BBA dept Sh. Mukesh Bansal, Head and Dean Ms Ankita and Dr Surbhi worked in tandem to make the program impactful. A team of faculty members including Dr Rashmi Raturi as the Convener of the Program and Dr.Smriti Sharma,Miss Bharti Aggarwal and Dr Nisha Agnihotri as Team Members played an important role in the successful conduction and completion of the course.