Oct 15
11:15 am - 2:30 pm

Alumni Desk

My joy knew no bounds, when I read this compliment from a follower on face book Ranjan Prabhat , Associate Director- Taxation at Abbott India Ltd., ‘ I am fortunate to be your student’. What does a teacher want? What is her mission and purpose in life? What makes her existence worthwhile. Nothing more than a genuine compliment from your student whom you taught decades ago and he remembers you with a feeling of love and respect. Ranjan has touched heights in his profession. Working as a senior professional, having won accolades from the best in the industry. He has made us proud by remembering us. A pass out of 1999-2002 batch he shared pics with me of his friends and teachers. Alumni are the pillars of support and strength for an educational institution and we are proud of such students who have done wonderfully well in life.