National Webinar on Academic Leadership in the Context of National Education Policy, 2020

A National Webinar on ‘Academic Leadership in the Context of National Education Policy, 2020’ was organized by DAV Centenary College, Faridabad, under the patronage of Padam Shree Dr. Punam Suri Ji, President DAVCMC, New Delhi. The Officiating Principal,Dr. Savita Bhagat, extended a warm   welcome to the guests and also shed ample  light on the importance of the theme of the webinar. Dr. Ankur Aggarwal moderated the session and introduced all the eminent speakers. The session started with the thoughtful insights of Dr. Vikas Kumar, Dean Academic Affairs, JC Bose University of Science and Technology YMCA, Faridabad, who dwelt at length on the various aspects of the National Education Policy. After that, Prof. R.S. Bawa, Pro-Chancellor, Chandigarh University, Mohali, one of the leading private universities of India which has registered phenomenal growth under his dynamic and driven leadership over the last one decade, shared his valuable insights on academic leadership and the various dimensions of and possibilities inherent in the New Education Policy which, he said, should not only produce competent professionals and entrepreneurs with a high degree of overall awareness but also very fine well-rounded human beings. . Due to some network issues, Prof. Sushma Yadav, Vice-Chancellor, BPSM University,Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat, was not able to connect to the webinar after registering her presence in the beginning. Prof. B.K. Kuthiala, Chairperson, Haryana State Higher Education Council, and the Chief Guest of the Webinar, shared his highly valuable and very well-articulated perspective on the four layers of leadership that were crucial in any organisational setting and were equally pertinent for the success of the New Education Policy as well as for realising the vision inherent in it . Dr. D.V. Sethi Honorary Treasurer, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, and one of the founder teachers of this college with a lot of love for this institution, while deliberating on the New Education Policy, shared his life long experiences with everyone and focused on inculcating scientific temper, rational thinking as well as human values of the highest order as part of education as emphasised by Swami Dayanand as well the Arya Samaj. . The purpose behind organizing this National Webinar was to drive home the great importance of academic leadership in the context of National Education Policy, 2020. A society can make progress only by developing an inquisitive and questioning attitude and a pronounced sense of enquiry and the role of enlightened leadership is very important for realising such goals. More than 250 people joined the webinar. Dr. Savita Bhagat was the Convenor of the program and it was very well organized with the wise guidance of the Coordinator of the Webinar, Dr. D.P. Vaid.  The highly educative programme ended with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. D.P. Vaid,  Dr. Priya Kapoor, Dr. Ankur Aggarwal and Mr. Pramod Kumar were the members of organizing committee which gave full support to make this event a big success. All the students and dignitaries who attended the webinar found the keynote speakers’ discourse highly useful and stimulating. With the cooperation of all, the program concluded on a highly successful note.