Oct 29
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Journalism Department of DAV Centenary College organized a seminar on "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". In future, journalists will have to update themselves as well as publish positive news for the upliftment of society- Mukesh Vashisht A one-day seminar was organized for the students of journalism department at DAV Centenary College. Shri Mukesh Vashisht, Media Coordinator, Chief Minister Haryana attended this program as the chief guest speaker. Shri Mukesh Vashisht ji has been a famous journalist. Who gave his services in newspapers like Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, Nai Duniya etc. The theme of this program was "Journalism of Tomorrow, Today and Tomorrow". Its objective was to make the students aware of the challenges faced by the changes in the history of journalism and the preparations for adopting future new media journalism. The program coordinator, Madam Rachna Kasana, laid the outline and introduced the chief guest to all the students. He said that in today's new era, the style of journalism is changing very fast. This change of new media has to move forward only by preserving the ethical values of journalism. The Principal of the college, Dr. Savita Bhagat welcomed the guest. He said that today with the advent of social media, a flood of information is rising in front of all of us. It is very difficult to make this decision. That which news is true, and to what extent it is true. We need to understand information, miss information and dis information very closely. The Chief Guest Shri Mukesh Vashisht while addressing the students said that to understand Indian Journalism it is more appropriate to see it as separate periods. A period that was before 1905. In which the prominence of journalism was to fight the evils prevalent in the society like sati, child marriage, etc. Journalism of the period from 1905 to 1947 was of mass awakening of the freedom struggle. Journalism from 1947 to 2003 was an adjustment in the development of the country. Today, what is journalism after 2003, along with being modern journalism, commercial journalism is more visible. If moral values are not preserved in today's journalism, then this demon of social media will swallow it up. What is needed the most in today's era is positive news that today the journalists of the future will have to give space to positive news for the betterment of themselves and the society. At the end of the program, Assistant Professor Virendra Singh thanked the chief guest and the people present. Kavita Rani, Mamta Sharma, Dr. Priya Kapoor etc. were also involved in the program.