Oct 31
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Street Harassments of Women

When we talk of holistic development of students we surely want to educate and make our students aware of the prejudices and biases prevailing in the society and the ways to deal with them. And one of the major roadblock and obstacle to lead a comfortable and healthy life is harrasment faced by women at public places. The theme was dealt with great sensitivity and openness by the activists of the Breakthrough organisation. Initially students were hesitant to speak up but the workshop helped them to open up about such a sensitive issue. Those who are harassed and those just watch as passive bystanders have to understand that it is high time we all acted together and stood up against this menace and so that girls and women can use public places like streets, buses, metro, Woking places and shopping malls etc in a safe, comfortable and convenient manner and experience real freedom. Congratulations to the Haryana police and Breakthrough organisation for building up public opinion and creating awareness on a very relevant issue. Thanks to the conveners Dr Archana bhatia, Dr Anju Gupta, and the teams of the women Cell and the Youth Club for chipping in by organising such a meaningful activity in the college.