Apr 25
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Research Planning and Scientific Writing

' Research Planning and Scientific Writing ' was the theme on which a seminar sponsored by ‘Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation and Technology’
was organized on 25th April in which faculty from our own college as well as from other colleges along with our PG students participated.
The chief guest on the occasion Prof S K Tomar, Honorable Vice Chancellor, JC Bose YMCA University of Science and Technology, who is very passionate about developing a research culture in the educational institutions in particular and in the society in general dwelt upon the golden rules of doing research.
He shared that it is not necessary that you have to do Masters or doctorate degree first to become researcher.
Great people and researchers all focus on ideas and it is the power of ideas  and thoughts which has brought many changes and transformations in the society.
All the scientific inventions, tools and gadgets appeared in the form of dreams in the minds of great scientists.
Without any aim, objective or dream and idea doing research is useless.
If you look deeply into the functioning of things, systems, structures and cultures you will start connecting the dots and some missing connections  would point towards the area where there will be need of further research.
In doing scientific research people have to have scientific mindset which is not conditioned by biases or existing thought patterns.
When you try to reach to the bottom of anything you are unknowingly doing research.
Researchers  should have patience, should not be afraid of failure, should face criticism
In a healthy manner, should be competitive and not jealous, should spend much time in the library, should not cheat by claiming ideas of others as their own.
And research which gives you happiness and solves some existing problems of the society needs  to be pursued. Research which does not have any challenges and goes very smooth is not research.
He applauded the efforts of Indian scientists in researching and bringing out the Covid 19 vaccine in record time.
The guest of honour, Prof Devender Singh, Head Dept of Law, Punjab University  Chandigarh, and our own alumnus, exhorted the audience to be unbiased researchers  and not to be carried away by the research findings of the national and international organisations which can be many times biased in their approach. He said that the studnets should carry out meaningful research and their findings and the data emerging from their findings will be much more reliable. All the important schemes like startup India, stand up India and Make in India require the emergence of a good measure of Entreprenuership which is possible only if we develop an eco system of research and  innovation.
The venerable Dr DV Sethi Ji, Treasurer DAVCMC, New Delhi,  who presided over the seminar very wisely  shared that many sages and saint poets of yore who were totally unlettered but they were researchers par  excellence and on whose works a lot of research is being done till today.
Dr Savita Bhagat, the officiating Principal shared her views by saying that teachers should develop love for research for its own sake irrespective of any academic requirements.
She also announced her intention to organise a series of lectures on various aspects of research by inviting academicians and researchers of note in the near future.
The program was conducted  under the convenership of Dr Priya Kapoor and Dr Raj Kumari of the Science Dept.and the stage was Conducted very gracefully by Ms Ankita of the BBA Dept.
All the delegates went away with lots of valuable insights into research and how they should go about it.