Sep 18
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Naya Bharat, Main Hun Bharat

Students of Journalism and Mass Communication visited the Sector-12 Huda Convention Center to become a part of the Program ‘Naya Bharat, Main Hun Bharat’. The programme is a 75 days long mega event to bring light on the socio-cultural aspects of the Haryana. Mr. Yashpal Sharma, famous Bollywood actor, was there as the chief guest and keynote speaker. Mr. Sharma was there to bring light on his upcoming Haryanvi Movie Dada Lakhmi. In his dialogue with the audience, Mr. Sharma told that every person need to do hard work in his life and there is no other way to success. Hard work polishes the qualities and converts these into abilities to deliver his work in different areas. People from the field of theatre also have to do a lot of hard work to achieve success. This mega event is not only a milestone in the Faridabad area but also bring a revolution in Haryana’s cultural industry. A formal honor was given to Haryana’s Kalidas Dada Lakhmi by presenting his picture to Yashpal Sharma who is playing as actor and director in the film on the life of Dada Lakhmi. Students from the Department of Travel and Tourism also participated in the event. Ms. Rachana Kasana, Head, Journalism and Mass Communication, Mr. Amit Dahiya, Head, Travel and Tourism along with Mr. Manjeet, Assistant Professor, Travel and Tourism attend the programme.