May 27
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Mental Health of students after COVID-19

A lecture on “Mental Health of Students after COVID-19" was organized by Science Department Sponsored by Haryana State Science Department Innovation and Technology Council at D.A.V Centenary College, Faridabad. The Keynote Speaker Dr. Vijander Singh, PhD, Neuropsychology said that the COVID-19 has caused of everything due to which the mental health of the students has been badly affected. People were more attached to social media, which led to doubts about their identity, due to which their mental health was affected. He said that to overcome this situation, it is necessary for us to have close friends, from whom we can share our thoughts, so that mental health remains good. Dr. Vijander Singh told that by getting up in the morning and doing Pranayama or Surya Namaskar, we can get success in overcoming such problems. With the opening of the school &s colleges, the mental health of the students has improved a lot. Dr.Savita Bhagat, Officiating Principal also gave various suggestions such as listening to good music, reading good books, watching inspirational videos and doing exercises and pranayama etc. Dr. Priya Kapoor, Dean expressed gratitude to the keynote speaker and Ms. Preeti Goyal Conducted the program efficiently. More than 80 students were present in the program.