May 26
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

How to Anchor a News Show

Journalism and mass communication department of the Dav centenary college organized a seminar on ‘How to Anchor a News Show’ under the Alumni Lecture Series Program.Mr Abhishek Pandey is welcomed as a key note speaker who is an alumnus of the journalism department and anchor of India News, interacted with the students. The purpose of this lecture was to explain the students that being an anchor how to face challenges. Abhishek Pandey explained the basics and technicalities of producing a news show. He said that there is an anchor hidden inside all the fellow sitting there , you just need to work on it.He told that to produce a news show, an assignment desk is needed, which filters the news. After the assignment desk, the news goes to the output desk, who watches that news and makes the show. He said that PCR and MCR are very important for any channel. He also explained about the uplink and downlink at length to the students in simple words. The principal of the college, Dr. Savita Bhagat, said that all the students should set a goal and focus on it. Students enrolled in professional courses need to adopt a professional attitude from the very beginning.She advised students to work hard to meet the job requirements of the media industry. Students like Abhishek Pandey , not only achieve their set goals but also make their teachers feel proud.She also felicitated the Abhishek with a sapling and token of appreciation. Mrs. Rachna Kasana, the Head of Journalism Department conducted the stage and at the end delivered the vote of thanks. Rachna kasana said this kind of workshop will definitely help the students to improve their skills.The program was very interactive as students had lot of queries which were handled very patiently by the keynote speaker .Assistant Professor Virendra Singh and Madam Kavita Rani were also present in the program.