May 28
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Health and Hygiene Issues of Underprivileged Women

Dr Rennie Noel is a very special gynecologist who as a doctor has passion to engage with the health and hygiene issues of underprivileged women and to spread awareness on a sustained basis among the younger girls studying In schools and colleges. Her bio data really amazed me as she has her fingers in many pies apart from the medical field. Along with doing many Modeling assignments she is a certified kathak dancer. She was the keynote speaker on the World Mensturation day celebrated on 28th May. The health issues of girls and women can be taken care of if taboos and shame attached with discussing these are shunned. The day is observed on 28 May because menstrual cycles average 28 days in length and females menstruate for an average of five days each month. (May is the fifth month of the year.) She talked about breaking the taboos and end the stigma surrounding menstruation and of raising awareness about the challenges regarding access to menstrual products, education about menstruation and period-friendly sanitation facilities. She also talked about abnormal period symptoms and PCOD. Girls raised many queries and she very sympathetically tackled many and promised to come again to take the issues and challenges faced by girl students. Nine foundation distributed sanitary napkins to all the girl students of the college on this occasion.