May 03
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Cyber Crime Safety Day

On the occasion of cyber crime safety day the police administration organised a seminar to creat awareness about cyber crimes and frauds among students and the general public. ACP Sh Vishnu Parsad along with many other officials of the police stations of NIT, Mujesar, Dhauj, women police station, SGM nagar were present. Inspector Sh Bhishnu, of cyber Crime police station dwelt at length on the way the financial and non financial crimes are being committed using digital technology. The increasing use of technology in making payments and doing other banking transactions without taking adequate precautions lead to loss of lakhs and crores of rupees of the innocent public. Adolescent students while using social media indiscriminately share some vital personal information along with pics which are then morphed to black mail youngsters and especially girls. Inspector Basant along with the nature of crimes explained the precautions to be taken while using digital technology as to stay safe from cyber criminals. All the teachers and students who attended highly appreciated the program as they all were of the view that they benefited a lot. Thanks to Sh Jatender dhull, Ms Kavita Sharma and Ms Meenakshi kaushik, our teachers who helped the police dept in making all the arrangements in the college.