May 18
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Community Radio Stations 90.4

The students of journalism and mass communication of DAV Centenary college went for an educational visit to Community Radio Stations 90.4 of NGF Engineering College, Palwal.. The purpose of this visit was to make the students of journalism department aware of the working and technical of a radio station.RJ Jitesh took the students to the radio broadcasting room and explained to the students what a community radio is and how it works. He told that our radio station is tuning on 90.4 FM frequency and covers people living in the area of ​​25 to 30 kms. He explained the concepts of recorded, live and phone in-radio programs to the students at length. RJ Alok explained the students how the program is recorded, edited and broadcast. He explained how to prepare yourself for different possible jobs in the field of radio. He told the students how you can do internship in radio with us. Madam Yogita has elaborated the importance of Voice overs and she has also presented the history of radio to the students. Rachna Kasana, the head of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, organizes such activities from time to time and this tour was also organized under the supervision of Rachna Kasana and Virendra Singh. All the students were very excited and benefitted from their visit .