Dec 11
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Air Pollution PM

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC) in collaboration with YRC Unit, NSS Unit, NCC Unit and Disaster Management Cell has organized a one-day camp for “Air Pollution PM” and COVID-19 immunity base level attainment and maintenance on 11-12-2021 at 12PM in college lawn. The subject expert Mr. Parveen Kumar Amar also delivered and demonstrated the technique on how to boost the basic immunity against COVID-19, Omicron, Air Pollution etc. using the eatables available within a common man’s kitchen. Students were randomly selected and examined to show the effect of the kitchen ingredients specified dosages. Students facing the problems like running nose, cough, pimples, breath strokes, etc. showed observable symptomatic relief after treatment. Home Remedy expert Mr. Parveen Kumar Amar had given his services in more than six hundred camps in Delhi, UP and Haryana states. He delivered a brief lecture on each kitchen ingredient and explained the benefits of each one along with the specified amount of dose. He also explained the precautions while taking or before taking a particular item. He also brought awareness on not to drink water empty stomach and advised to have two biscuits 20 minutes before any drink with empty stomach. Patients were advised to take fasting allopathy medicines only with two spoons of water. Teaching and non-teaching staff from all departments also attained the benefit of the camp and also inquired about the treatment and precaution for sugar, thyroid, joint pain, slip-disc, etc. More than 200 participants including students, teachers and members of non-teaching staff attained the camp.